Saturday, October 15, 2016

How To Make A Big Envelope

If you want to package an oversized card or object, consider making your own big envelope. You can make the envelope original with colored or patterned paper if you want it to look festive. Consider visiting a craft store for an envelope template. If you can't find a template the size you want, follow these steps to make an envelope that is the size of your choosing.

Things You'll Need

Glue stick

Decide how large you need the envelope to be. Trace the item you want to package on a sheet of paper. Use a ruler to measure the length at its longest point and width at its widest point. Your envelope must be at least this big. Add at least 1/2 inch to each measurement so that it's easy to fit the item inside.

Get two pieces of paper that are at least slightly larger than the dimensions you need.

Draw a box on the first sheet of paper that is as big as the dimensions you need. On the top side of the envelope, extend the lines so it looks as if a triangle is protruding from the side. This will be the flap that closes the envelope.

Draw a box on the second sheet of paper that has the same dimensions. On all sides of the envelope except the top, add 1/2-inch boxes that will be used as tabs. These will help secure the two sides together.

Cut out the paper, following the lines you drew. Cut around the tabs and flap so they're still connected to the envelope.

Fold down the tabs on the second sheet of paper. Use a glue stick to paste the second sheet of paper to the first sheet on the bottom and two sides.

Fold down the top triangle flap. Glue it shut once you have placed your item in the envelope.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure the two sheets line up before pasting them together.
Look for an envelope template in craft stores or online for an easier process.


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